Slutty Nurse Mandy

We are back with another update for you guys. This time we have nasty nurse Mandy getting fucked at her home by one of her patient. She had a few patients that came to her house for check ups and injections, when she was off duty. She needed the money so she never said no to anyone. The other day instead she had a surprise that came from one of her oldest patients. She was treating this old guy, she was doing his check ups when he started hitting on her and touching her while she was doing her job. She didn’t knew what to say because this never happened to her before, but she took the right choice and ended sucking his cock and getting fucked on her office desk. Luckily for her she wasn’t at work so none of the rules applied, because how you all know you can’t really sleep with one of you patients. If you liked this update you should visit to find the hottest chicks in the nastiest scene. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more exclusive galleries!

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